VP UX - Smart touchscreen software for presentation centres

Engage buyers like never before with a fully interactive touchscreen kiosk for your presentation centre. Allow buyers to peruse the units with a simple, photorealistic, real-time, interactive, touchscreen multi-unit 3D experience. Ask us about this flagship product today and let us help modernize your marketing.

30+ days (processing + integration)
Additional options: - Real-world exterior environment integration Custom features Visual Properties UX for Touchscreen and PC, Including:
  • Custom menu system & HUD
  • Single step-point navigation
  • Enhanced branding
  • Real-time floorplan navigation
  • Real-time staging / decor
  • CMS with push update functionality and furniture / paint / appliance library, and more...
  • HD resolution, professional interior design / staging, highly progressive real-time lighting & texturing techniques.
  • Interactions: Rotating fan, open/close doors, turn lights on/off, turn TV on/off