How Do We Create An Impact For Our Customers?

We help our clients manage media projects on a national scale and take the pain out of ordering, tracking, and delivering marketing media. Our easy-to-use interfaces, automation and real-time updates take care of administrative emails and tasks freeing up hours of time.

As a result, our clients focus on servicing their clients and growing their business.

Did You Know?

Our clients see a time savings of between 50% and 83% of the typical time spent in back-and-forth communications with third-party partners.

How We Can Help Your Firm

Efficiency, Transparency & Accountability

By optimizing your communication and workflow, holding your team and vendors accountable for time-sensitive projects becomes seamless. Our system will allow your team to focus less time on error-prone admin and management, and more time on sales and bringing properties to market.

Access to Resources

Our national network of vetted technicians will provide professional and time sensitive services for your business with only a few clicks. Tracking all relevant project data is key in a competitive market, and our system maintains all communications, past and present media, in one simple-to-use all-in-one platform.

We Are Here to Support You

We understand that each brokerage has its unique needs and adopting a new system may seem daunting. Rest assured that our onboarding and support team will ensure a smooth transition. Our team enables your team with several flexible ways to get started, including:

  • Dedicated customer success team
  • Training & onboarding program
  • Hands-on assistance to help import your existing vendors
  • Access to ongoing team training to ensure adoption
  • Mobile compatibility

Our Cloud-Based Application

Our cloud-based platform provides end-to-end workflow management for each step of a media project lifecycle: quotes, ordering, tracking, and delivery.

Quotes for all media services are automatically generated based on property information saving hours of time spent contacting many small media companies in different locations that offer different services.

The ordering process consists of only 3 simple steps and can be completed in a few minutes. Once your order is placed, automated tracking updates all stakeholders on the progress of each stage of their media projects avoiding time spent emailing multiple technicians and waiting for replies.

All completed media is searchable and downloadable from a single platform eliminating the need to keep track of multiple URLs in multiple email chains.

Streamline And Simplify Media Management With:

Canada-wide, location-based auto-quote generation
Real-time notification system
Location-based sunrise and sunset times
Specific residential and commercial product suites
Simplified, multi-entity invoicing
Project status dashboard

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